About the artist


As a little kid I was the shy, introverted, artsy-inventive type. I didn't have very many friends to speak of, spent most of my time alone painting, drawing, or sculpting, and a little bit socially-awkward. I would come up with inventions to test in my back yard and took impeccable notes (for an 8-year-old) and came up with crazy business-schemes to wrangle my few friends into. 

When my parents told me to "go out and make new friends" I don't think they had doll-making in mind.

After honing my artistic skills just a little I decided I liked sculpting the creations that came to my mind: sketches would become busts or full body-sculpts, and I even experimented with making OOAK art-dolls. Visions that were too grandiose for sculpting with polymer clay became prototypes on my father's computer - spending days programming, and almost as much time guarding the machine while my creations rendered. 

In college my decision to be a sculptor - and one who focused on doll-making - was reinforced and my first fully-poseable needle felt doll was premiered my graduating year in 2012.

Since then, I've continued to hone my skills and tread new territory: I continue to make dolls and I experiment with new tools and techniques to make them even better. As I continue down my creative path I hope that you will join me. 


Early years: I was homeschooled from Kindergarten until my graduating year of Highschool. My biggest accomplishment in the public-school system was that I was held back for a second year of Preschool because I "spent too much time on my own coloring."

In hind-sight, that was probably a sign of things to come. 

College: Achieved an Associate's Degree of Fine Art from Sinclair Community College, and decided my graduating year that I would prefer working on my own, at my own pace, to achieve my own goals. 

This was also probably a sign of things to come. 

Post-college: After earning my Associate's Degree, I have spent time honing my skills and learning as much as I can from whomever I can. In 2016 I spent a week at the John C. Campbell School of Folk Art brushing up on my clay sculpting skills. 


Hobbies: Acting, writing, designing props for movies, taking care of my small menagerie of animals, tending to a modest (but ever-growing) collection of house-plants