Needle felt dolls and characters

Donovan the Wolf

Donovan the Wolf is a wild explorer and protector of the forest

Gaframor the Dragon

Gaframor the Dragon is a mischievous and sly adventurer

Aurora the Baby Parasaurolophus

Aurora the dinosaur is an inquisitive and playful infant

Custom dolls

Create a character of your own

Whether it be your childhood imaginary friend, your favorite character from a TV show, or even just a character you dreamed up one day, all of us have a character we would like to see come to life. This is your chance to make a reality of that fantasy, and get your own special character.

The perfect companion for all your adventures

Whether it be a desk-top companion, a guardian for your living room, or a character to take on your hikes, a doll from Redolfi's Fiber Fantasies is guaranteed to follow you on all your adventures.

Commemorate a pet and love them forever

Not all dolls are based on fantasy - some of them are simply beloved pets and favorite animals we wish would live with us forever. Your poseable art doll will always be with you, regardless of what form it takes.